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Published by the Great Britain Governmen

GREAT BRITAIN. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Commissioners appointed to inquire into the grievances complained of in Lower Canada.  Reports of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the grievances complained of in Lower Canada. (Presented to parliament by His Majesty’s command.) Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 20 February 1837. [London, 1837?]. 182 [i.e. 180, p. 19 numbered 19-21], 73, 180 p., fold. map of the Island of Montreal by
T.P.L. 2070 notes: “The commission, appointed July 1, 1835, and consisting of the Earl of Gosford, Sir George Gipps and Sir Charles Edward Grey made the following reports: First report dated Quebec, 23 Jan. 1836 concerning crown lands and finance, p. [3]-18; Appendix of supporting documents, p. 19-85; Second report, dated Quebec, 12th March 1836, concerning the demands of the Assembly, p. 87-106; Third report, dated Quebec, 3 May 1836, concerning the Executive council, p. 107-121; Appendix of supporting documents, p. 122-136; Supplement to third report dated Quebec, 12th May 1836, p. 136-138; Fourth report, dated Quebec, 17 June 1836, refuting statements in a pamphlet published for the Assembly, p. 139-141; Fifth report, dated Quebec, 24 October 1836, concerning the Seminary of Saint Sulpice, p. 143-152; Appendix of supporting documents, p. [1]-160. The general report covers the Legislative Council, Representation of the people, Wild lands and King’s domain, Tenures of land, Registry offices, Apportionment of duties and Canada trade act, Execution of the recommendations of the Canada committee in 1828, Education.” Gagnon I, 1560 comments: “Rapport complet de tous les griefs des canadiens ; contient un magnifique plan colorié de Montréal et de ses environs, fait en 1834 par A. Jobin.”

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