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FRANCE. Sovereign (Louis XV, 1710-1774).   [Decorative head-piece] Ordonnance du Roi, Portant déclaration de guerre contre le Roi d’Angleterre. Du 9 juin 1756. De par le Roi. Toute l’Europe sait que le Roi d’Angleterre a été en 1754 l’agresseur des possessions du Roi dans l’Amérique septentrionale … [colophon: A Paris, de l’Imprimerie Royale. 1756]. 6 p. folio and integral blank conjugate leaf, moderate foxing, small nicks to top margin of first leaf, little age-toning, preserved in a cloth box, very good.
Wroth & Annan, Acts of French Royal Administration, 1550.
WorldCat locates five copies, the only one in Canada being BnAQ.
The king declares that England has rejected the call to negotiate and try and find a solution. After the attack on Dunkerque, England declared war and he states that: “No one can ignore what occurred at Dunkerque, after the capture of two ships of His Majesty, attacks in absolute quiet by a squadron of thirteen English ships. It is equally known by all the world that the English Navy took possession, after more than six months, of the French fort, when at the end of last February, the first battalions of the French King were passing the maritime coast … France is obliged to attack force with force, but always with its natural sentiments of justice and moderation … It would be futile to enter into the details of every motive which has forced the King to dispatch a corps of his troops to Minorca, and who today oblige the King to declare war against the King of England, just as she declared to him, by sea and by land.” The king revokes all English rights, permissions, passports and safeguards and orders French subjects to “hunt all the subjects of the King of England”.

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  1. I am looking to obtain a copy of the English translation of the French Declaration of War against the English in 1756. Can you help me?


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